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The Chimp With The Too Big Ear

Once in a town
of great renown
in a place not far from here
lived Sammy The Chimp,
a playful imp,
The Chimp With The Too Big Ear.

Oh people would come
from miles around
for just a glimpse or a peek
at the chimp who would smile
for all the while
at the people who
gawked and squeaked.

 They pointed and gasped
and raised their eyes
in wondrous disbelief.
"How could it be?"
"Could it really be so?"
"Oh, my! Oh, my!  Good grief!"
"The chimp has an ear
as big as a year
and one that is ever so small!"
"I wonder, I wonder,"
that's what they all said,
"can poor Sammy hear at all?"

But Sammy was happy
and played all day long
and when night came around
he would sing,
"I'm Sammy The Chimp,
a playful imp,
The Chimp With The Too Big Ear!

Yes, people will talk
and they'll squeak
and they'll squawk
at something they think is wrong.

But, what does it matter?
I really don't care
if one of my ears is too long.
'Cause I know I'm pretty
and terribly witty
and the world is happy and gay!
So I'll stay here and smile
at the people a while
and play for the rest of the day!"

Copyright 1973





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