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The Believer 

My beloved lady, 
For so long you have forgotten 
the beauty of your soul 
that drips from your every pore. 
There is a tenderness deep in 
that well from where the sweat comes. 
You are pure love. 
Anything worthy of doing 
Can be done by you. 
You have traveled so far blindly, 
Imagine what you can do with 
Only one eye open. 
You do not need pry them open. 
This has been done for you. 
You need only touch 
What you are meant to touch, 
Write what you were meant to write, 
And be with whom 
you were meant to be. 
There is no discernment needed. 
You do not need to chose 
which flower to water, 
it will call to you with thirst. 
Just like this, you will know 
I am you when you see me. 


July, 2007





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