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Here are just a few of the many testimonials that Domenic Tamborriello has received from his clients.  All clients have given their permission to use them for this purpose.

I am very proud of the responses I have received from clients I have helped to transform their lives.  If you would like us to add yours, please contact me.

Call him what you want; shrink, social worker, or what I prefer, psychological genius! Domenic has helped me discover the things about myself that I was unaware of. Coming from a family of divorce, I was unable to target exactly what was wrong in my life. After talking with Domenic, he helped me discover what I was not seeing, yet feeling. and he helped me uncover the reasons why those emotions are there. I am forever indebted to his words of wisdom and recommend him to everyone that I know.
 ~ DP

Poetry Group helped me through a tumultuous time. Domenic created such a safe and dynamic atmosphere where unknown people were not strangers, and their sharing created insight and personal growth possibilities for me that were otherwise unavailable. Domenic has this keen ability to remove barriers between people, and by diminishing or removing that 'separateness', one can truly begin to grow. ~ LM

I have known Domenic Tamborriello for many years as a professional therapist. I have the utmost respect admiration, appreciation, and gratitude for his never ceasing commitment to his clients. Domenic is an expert in his chosen field. He is gifted, talented, creative, and a man of impeccable character.

During what I call, "The Dark Night of my Soul," Domenic was a Beacon of Light!
He treats his clients with dignity and respect. He provides a therapeutic atmosphere
for personal insight, growth, and awareness. He is an Excellent Clinician.

Domenic is a Man of Authenticity, Wisdom, and Integrity, He has inspired me to live a life of Wholeness, Health, and Spiritual Freedom.

Domenic Tamborriello is a Awesome Therapist and I Salute his Greatness! ~ BL

After many years of participation in therapy, men's groups, recovery groups, poetry groups, and other vehicles for self-realization, I can honestly say that my life would not be moving forward without the transformational work I've done with Domenic Tamborriello. His unique ability to teach empathy, and to resonate with each person's joy, pain, sorrow, triumphs, aspirations and journey, regardless of age, gender, and perspective, has helped me to begin stripping away the accumulated detritus of a lifetime spent denying my emotions because the world I was born into did not feel safe. Dom simply "gets it," no matter whom he is talking with, and he can and does enable each person he meets to continue their personal journey to authenticity--the greatest gift each of us can hope to acquire. Domenic knows what love truly is and demonstrates it in all of his actions. ~ JC

I have known Domenic Tamborriello for over 20 years; he has presented workshops at our Retreat Center Windrise in Metamora several times. He has also officiated wedding ceremonies. He excels in compassionate presence. His passion for his work makes him an extraordinary therapist who understands not only the human psyche's complexity, but is very sensitive to the journey of the soul.  His remarkable poetry depicts his wisdom and deep spirituality. His poetry workshops are a great opportunity to open up to a very transformative process that give the soul the opportunity to have a voice, be heard and be healed.  I have been gifted to have Domenic in my life as a very special friend. ~ EB

I have personally benefited from the kind counsel of Domenic Tamborriello.

He is remarkably qualified professionally, and has an exceptional life experience which serves him so well in relating to his clients. During the time I spent with him, I not only understood much more about the issues with which I was dealing, but was able to more accurately focus on and believe in the good things about myself.

Together with Domenic, I was able to reach into my issues more quickly and completely that ever before and come away with more inner peace and faith in myself that I have ever had in my life. Domenic was not hesitant to let me know when I was able and ready to continue on my own and set me free to continue the inner exploration of my possibilities.

I would especially recommend him to anyone who is facing crisis, especially couples or families struggling with communication issues or those who feel stymied by life. ~ TS

Domenic Tamborriello brings a unique depth and poetry to the personal healing and growth process. He helps people see the stories and metaphors of their lives and invites them to experience these with fresh eyes. He helps transform them and they come alive with new meanings and possibilities. His warmth, engagement, creativity and groundedness provide a sacred space for true healing to occur. ~ HM

I found Domenic through a friend of mine.  Whenever she spoke about him, he always sounded like a kind and caring person. Since then I have gotten to know Domenic and have found my first impression was on the mark. I had what I thought at the time were a "few" issues! Little did I know that there where "many" issues! Between the two of us, we talked about, sorted out, and understood why things happened the way they did. Domenic pointed out things to me that I never would have envisioned on my own, helped me to understand that it really wasn't my fault! I still talk about and recommend him to anyone willing listen. I know that any time I need to talk, he is willing to listen.

Domenic is a true person. I cant think of any other way to describe him. My husband says the same thing. When you visit with him, you get him. Not some guy sitting in a chair nodding his head pretending to listen to you. You establish a relationship that helps you to relax, think and talk about what you need to talk about. ~ AL

Just so you know .. I can never say enough about you personally or professionally.
You are one out of very few whom I trust completely.
You saved my life! And I am forever grateful. ~ BJL

Besides officiating my wedding, Domenic Tamborriello has supported me through difficult life experiences. Domenic steadily addressed my goal of seeing these events in a new light.  As a result, “bumps in the road" became opportunities for transformation.  Not only have I developed more resilience and skill, but I also experience ongoing inner peace.  I highly recommend Domenic.  His sensitivity and insight could become valuable aids to your own personal  growth and well being. ~ KP

Domenic is a warm and open individual.  Non-judgmental, yet willing to point out ways that we sabotage our lives.  Not too pushy and unwilling to waste time.  I have seen him coax poetry out of men that insist they have no feelings.  While he insists that he is not for everyone, I have yet to meet anyone that would not benefit from his assistance. ~ ML

While I was under Dom's professional care, he introduced me to the truth of myself which intuitively guided me to my inner voice and has instilled in me the courage to not be overcome with fear by opening my mind to the reality that, "It's ok to step into my own shoes."

He's a person that believes in you and helps to build in you the ability to believe in yourself while overcoming  clinical issues.   His poetry therapy group is exceptionally empowering, and has changed my life. ~ RJ

Domenic has been my therapist for at least 4 years.  He has really helped me change the course of my life.  Through his compassion, I have been able to take steps and make some positive changes in my life, including going to school for my Master's in Social Work.  He has also helped my son who is mentally challenged.  I am very grateful to you for all that you've done for me and my family. When my daughter died, he was right there for me.  Domenic, I love you and I want to be like you when I grow up,

Domenic has a gentle way of helping people see the truth about themselves and their situation.  He is intuitively gifted in finding ways to reach people.  Even as defenses are raised when we are most vulnerable, he is able to artfully maneuver around the pain so you can hear him.  He is able to journey with you on the ebbs and flows of your emotions with objective ears and nurturing understanding.  He is a wonderful teacher/mentor and wants only the best for all who enter his door. ~ NP

Dominic brings to his workshop a unique blend of intuitiveness, loving clarity and heart-opening poetry. His compassionate approach to healing is transformational. ~ SS

Dom, thank you for your significant and effective care of the individuals I refer to you for therapy. You have a way of coming alongside each person, right where they are, and imparting an all encompassing life changing impact for their highest good. Please know that of all the many individuals supporting one referral, specific effectiveness of sessions with YOU have resulted in significantly stabilized thinking and therefore dramatically reduced self sabotaging behaviors, far and beyond anyone else they have met with.

Know that you are truly, truly making an impactful life changing, if not more honestly life saving, significant difference, Dom. ~ SRP

To this day, we have reminders of you scattered throughout our home... in books and in bibles, tucked in purses I have carried, stuck to computers, walls, dresser mirrors, etc.  Your quotes are profound, simple, and thought-provoking.  Each one, with the date in the corner, reminds me of that time- I usually can recall exactly what was going on at that time and know why that quote made sense.

I want to share with you that I have never been more happy in this life.  Through a series of events and conscious choices, certain voids have been filled, certain anxieties erased, and two very importance relationships mended- one with my father and one with my ever-changing, ever-growing, always-devoted husband.  I have learned one very important lesson- it is all a choice...every last bit of it.

Always like to take the time to share good with you- since you shared so much with us as we tried to find our way.  Everyone was sure we'd never find our way- but again... it was a choice. ~ DW



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