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Silent Chimes


I have them in

every room.

I may buy more.

 I am told

 they are lovely

 and that I am foolish.

 Why would someone

buy chimes for an apartment

they ask

usually without using words.


I smile

and remind them

 of hope

 of unseen winds that have yet to blow

of the silence in my life before the truth came

of all the music waiting to be made

of the music in each of us that will cascade

in celebration of God's playfulness

and my courage.


I remember now

and I pray that I will always

achingly remember


that my life for too many years

was a silent windchime

trapped in a fantasy

of windlessness and worthlessness.


So welcome to my home.

 Admire my silent windchimes.


They are here to sing

the song of every person

who buys a lottery ticket

where pure aliveness is the jackpot.


They are here to demand

that I sing my song.


They are here to remind me

to pray for your wind to come

and your song to be sung.


Domenic Tamborriello

Copyright July, 1999





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