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Domenic Tamborriello is an inspirational keynote speaker on change, communication, and empowerment.  He has been a public speaker, workshop leader, and staff trainer for over 40 years.

He has spoken on:

  • Organizational Challenges and Team Building
  • How To Make Love Work
  • Saying What You Mean, Hearing What Was Said
  • Communicating In The Midst of Conflict
  • Pink Blanket or Blue: Awakening from gender stereotypes and claiming authenticity
  • Race Matters: Beginning the conversation that frees us all
  • Poetry As A Pathway To Healing
  • Alcoholism and Addiction: Filling the emptiness inside and finding freedom

Domenic Tamborriello

What does Domenic bring to his presentations?  Inspiration and Information

Inspiration:  Domenic's passion is to awaken people to believe they can have so much more from life.  He knows that unless people feel something, they won’t connect to what’s being said.  So whether he is talking to the entire staff of an organization, therapists at a staff training, or people attending one of his talks at a public venue, he brings the kind of intensity that opens minds and opens doorways.  Whether quoting Rumi (Keep knocking and eventually the joy inside will look out to see who’s there.), Helen Keller (People often spend so much time looking at the door that’s closed behind them that they fail to see the open door in front of them.), or Martin Luther King, Jr. (The time is always right to do what is right.), he touches people and inspires them to throw a generous dollop of curiosity and passion into their lives. 

Information:  The goal of education is to draw something out.  Instruction is about putting something in.  Domenic believes in educating his audiences.  People yearn to connect with information they can use. Through connections comes understanding. Through understanding comes relevance. From relevance comes action.   Using metaphor, stories, and quotes he illustrates and illuminates the basic principles that are driving events.  For example, when trying to help people understand the importance of dealing directly with conflict, he may say, “Have you ever had a small stone in your shoe?  If so, you know that there’s no such thing as a small problem.”  When you have someone who can help you see pictures in your mind, the facts begin to make sense. 

If you would like to invite Domenic Tamborriello to present at your conference, seminar, service group, church or class, email Domenic.


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