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There is no such thing as genteel passion.

There is no such thing as passion that worries

about the cut of its hair or whether its clothes are straight.

Passion doesn’t care if it gets caught.


Passion is not about thud.

It’s about an arrow whistling by your ear

because it was sent there on purpose.

Passion will singe and scorch.

Passion will shatter your charades.

Passion will tell you who you are

until you hear it.


Passion is that magnet directly above

that pulls the scattered iron filings

inside you into a geometrically perfect

straight line of backbone.

Passion puts gravel in the voice of your truth

and angel wings on the song of your hope

in the midst of your slavery.


Passion is for making a path

not reading a map.

Passion may forgive.  It does not excuse.

Passion is not about choice.

It is about a decision made

when a call is heard.

Answering that call is the only option passion allows.


Passion is about a scent

that enraptures and carries you very far.

You follow it

without wondering whether you remembered

to grab your compass before you left.


Passion is about eyes and skin

and tears and sweat.

Passion can point towards home

of the furthest point from it.

Passion will not let you pretend.


Passion is the eloquent speech

when you tell the world

exactly who you are.


Passion is the answer you’re finally

willing to reach for

when all your counterfeit coins

have fallen to the floor. 



Domenic Tamborriello

Copyright September 6, 2005

9:50 – 10:10 PM





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