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God grants us memories so we may have roses in the winter.

~ James J. Barrie ~

Are you planning a funeral or a memorial service for a loved one or pet?

Planning a Funeral Service or Memorial Service can be daunting.  So many decisions ~

  • What would be the best readings, poems, spiritual wisdom? 
  • How do I write a eulogy? 
  • Is there anyone who can help me with this?
  • If I write it, can someone else read it for me and will it be read in the way I truly mean it?
  • What unique ideas can be used to make the service for my loved one tell the story that I want to be told? In other words, how could I plan a Celebration of Life of my loved one that is as memorable and as special as the person it represents?
  • How can we honor the past, present, and future?

Domenic Tamborriello has conducted memorial services for over fifteen years.  Having had a Catholic father, a Jewish mother, having been baptized as a Methodist, and having an affinity for Buddhism, he has the kind of background that allows him to honor mainstream and non-traditional spiritual traditions as well as non-spiritual sentiments. 

Pets are often important family members and they find a special place inside the hearts of those around them.  Domenic understands the importance of pets as creatures who can sometimes love us better, more unconditionally, than any human.  This connection deserves to be appreciated and respected for what it is to the humans who love and were loved by the friend they lost.  Together, we can plan a service that will honor the love and joy that a beloved pet has brought to its human family even if that family was only one person.  

As a poet and a spiritual seeker, he can draw upon a wide range of spiritual literature that allows each service to speak to the hearts of those in attendance because he can easily connect with the hearts of the person who has passed and those that are left behind. 

Memorial services are planned with the notion that someone actually lived.  Someone actually made a splash in this world.  That splash deserves to be honored and celebrated with courage, love, and honest appreciation.  And let's not forget to include a sense of humor! 

Grief Counseling:  No stranger to grief and loss as a result of his own journey, Domenic understands that each person's response to the loss of a loved one is as unique as their fingerprint.  These responses are sometimes a flood of feelings and sometimes very confusing.  Sometimes people can be frozen and unable to grieve, sometimes they are unable to move beyond a draining kind of sorrow.  Talking with Domenic can help you understand the twists and turns, peaks and valleys of the grieving process.  Sometimes it is reasonable to charge for these counseling services.  Sometimes it is not.



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