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I want... 

I want

to know what I want.


Balance, equanimity, and order

have smoothed out too much

of my hunger, my passion,

the delicious taste

and feel of mystery. 

I wanna talk shit

and tell big lies

with people who can

make my tall tales

run for cover

from the bullshit they're slingin'. 

I want my fears

to not be so afraid of

how healthy I've become.

I want them to howl

with glee like fast kids

running from a slow cop.

I want to know

just the right time

to unhinge my jaw

so I can take

too big a bite

out of life. 

I want you

to be strong enough

to stand in front of me

and strong enough

to get out of my way. 

I want to know

what I want.


And to never forget. 

Domenic Tamborriello

January 16, 2001 





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