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Grab It And Growl  

Seven jumbo shrimp, an Alka-seltzer, and the craters of the moon;

fishing at Lakeville, a cold bottle of beer

with the dewdrops falling off the bottle onto the sawdust floor;

a spittoon, and the knotty pine walls of the Lakeville log cabin tavern boogie,

heaven, nirvana, Wang dang doodle.

Ah, my father's 54 Ford with the engine that ran on white lightening instead of gasoline

and some bird dogs in the front seat 

and the fish cooling in the lake waiting to hitch a ride to the dinner plate.

All the things that are good.

All the things that are gone.

Grab it and growl, my old man used to say

when he'd lay out a big breakfast of eggs and ham, oatmeal, coffee, flapjacks 

and maple syrup.

I was one rich kid.

Heaven on earth man.

Grab it and fucking growl!  

~ By JK 





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