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I strive to see each person as uniquely as they deserve to be seen.  Together, we will create a journey of healing and growth that repects each person's strengths and struggles.

I help people achieve four things: Peace, Power, Passion, and Possibilities

Peace Do you find yourself in conflict with the people around you and finding yourself back at the same old place no matter what you try?  Do you feel frustrated that, despite your most sincere efforts, inner peace is elusive?  Do you feel nagged by the question “Where do I really belong?”  If these sound familiar to you, please know that there are specific things you can learn to get off the merry-go-round conversation you’ve been having with the person or people who are most important to you.  Know that you can learn to call off the war inside you between the side that wants to move forward and the side that keeps putting on the brakes.  Inner peace and outer peace are possible.  All you may need are a few new tools for your toolkit.

PowerHow can I be powerful in the world and not be unfair?  How can I own all the colors in me and celebrate the truth of who I am?  How can I keep things on track so that I’m both a strong advocate for what’s right and an open minded person who can listen to other viewpoints?  How can I stay focused on what I want and not sabotage myself?

We all want to be strong and kind.  We all want to reach our goals and not lose our souls in the process.  I can help you be a strong advocate for yourself while still being open-minded to the views and needs of others.

Domenic Tamborriello

PassionHave you lost the best in you by trying to be considerate of others and their needs?  Have you found yourself doubting that you’ll ever be able to find real joy and meaning in your life?  Have you found yourself worrying about how you can live with something or someone instead of finding what or whom you can’t live without?  It’s not too late to have the life you were meant to live.  You can have so much more than you currently believe.  No, I can’t guarantee you will be happy forever or that you’ll have everything you want if you work with me.  What I will say is that you’ll be able to take your best shot and live with the results instead of wondering, “What if……?”  Is it time for you to discover again just what it is that you want? 

Possibilities Is there a way to save my marriage?  Is there a way to find love or find my way back to it?  Can I break down the walls of isolation that leave me feeling alone no matter where I am and whom I’m with?  Can I truly break out of the traps that I bought into that I call a life?  The answer to all these questions is YES.  Though it may seem you’ve tried everything, the truth is that you’ve tried everything that you know, not everything.  There’s a good chance that, with some fresh eyes to help you view the problem, doors may open that you didn’t even know existed. 

Treatment Options:  I have provided individual, couples and group counseling for over 30 years.  I have a special sensitivity to gender issues, race issues, and sexuality issues.  I counsel people in traditional, same sex, and non-traditional relationships. I facilitate men’s, women’s, couple’s, and poetry groups. I have facilitated over 90 poetry groups over the past 18 years.  Men’s groups I have facilitated have lasted as long as sixteen years, women’s groups as long as eight years. Be sure to check out the page about Poetry Counseling on the website.  You may be surprised to find something there you wouldn’t have considered.   

FeesBased on ability to pay, my fees generally run from $60 to $150.00 per hour.  With that said, I have never turned anyone away who wanted to work with me because of money.  I am committed to making sure that there is at least one place where people can receive quality service despite their income.  You will only pay what you can afford so there is no one who can’t afford my services.  Even if you’re broke?  Yes, even if you’re completely out of money.



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